Health Coaching

I hike to explore and experience uncharted territory…hazards may lurk around each corner, which is why I avoid hiking alone. Managing chronic conditions can be a lonely experience. Partner with me for personalized support, advocacy, and education.  Improved health is within your reach. What are your goals? Do you want to manage pain? Sleep more soundly? Lose weight? Better manage your overall health? Keep it simple and do as I do…I Soothe - Nourish - Rest and am a medical miracle demonstrating my motto Live Well & Be Well!


Let's Soar Together! 
Coaching is offered by Skype, phone, or in-person. Hourly sessions offered at $80. New client? Partnerships require time. I ask for a 3-month commitment. Purchase a package of 6 sessions, and receive a 10% discount. All packages include a free bonus: guidance towards custom meal plans. Need something more affordable? Freebies: Visit my resource page and weekly wellness blog.

Journey with me. Become a more active participant.
Your first 30-minute phone consultation is FREE.

Hourly Sessions 

• Mentoring & Advocacy
• Guidance & Support
• Learn to Listen to Your Body
• Small Changes = Positive Results
• Learn to Dine Well & Responsibly
• Guidance - Customized Meal Plans


Speaking Events

Workshops, Education, Training
Invite me to speak to your group. 
Customized to fit your event!
• My Butternut To Bionic Story
3 Key Concepts To Better Health
• How to Live Well & Be Well
• Managing Chronic Conditions


Goddess Retreats

Ladies! Learn, watch, and experience my 3 Key Concepts on the road.  
(2-Day, 3-Day & 4-Day Getaways)
 Soothe - Spa Like A Goddess
• Nourish - Dine Like A Queen
• Rest - Sleep Like a Princess

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